The Buddha Fields of Science and Technology

Howdy, my name is Prashanta which means Dynamic Peace. Welcome to transistorBuddha. The Buddha Fields are where the bodhisattvas reside. A bodhisattva is a person that spontaneously develops a deep desire to devote their entire life to the betterment of mankind and the cessation of suffering. In this day and age being a caretaker and advocate for the Earth and all of life is part of the job description. One of the skills at the core of being a bodhisattva is called “skill in means”. It means being able to redirect the dynamics of any arbitrary situation towards the enlightenment and liberation of the participants. The bodhisattva’s job is to be egoless, transparent and to express relentless and formless benevolence. It can be putting a band-aid on a child’s leg, rescuing a kitten, smiling and saying hello to someone homeless or mentally ill as you pass them walking down the street. Certainly teaching someone about meditation is in, but a bodhisattva can operate as a spiritual mime and communicate without even saying a word. It is communicating and teaching through the medium of your life, of teaching by example. Of course everyone has their unique strengths and core areas of competency. I consider folks like Bill Hicks and Jon Stewart to be bodhisattvas of comedy.

Announcing my new web site! Check it out. So far I have a prototype up and running. While I have a vision of where I want to take the site, I am also interested in input from friends regarding what the web site should support. It is my hope that folks will feel a resonance with what Im doing, that it will meet an unmet need that folks hadnt even realized they had.

transistorBuddha is a continuation of the work I and others began in  Renaissance Universal in the mid seventies. Renaissance Universal was founded by P.R. Sarkar and its motto is Art and Science for service and self-realization. Omni and Wired magazines and particularly the Whole Earth Catalog are also inspirations for the site, but I intend for transistorBuddha highest calling to be to help get some serious spiritual energy cranking.

Religion is based in form, while spirituality is formless. It is the cultivation is wisdom and compassion. It is what makes up more that robots wandering without purpose through the Universe. Spirituality is the desire to be more than we are. The celebration of Truth, Enlightenment, Love, Compassion, Beauty, Justice, Liberation or Service is to embrace spirituality. Spirituality exists everywhere, even in the harshest environments it can be found growing out of the cracks.

Ive wanted to have a place on the Internet where folks could go to get groovy news, news that is spiritual with out trying to be spiritual, news that is uplifting, inspirational and touches our hearts. Who are the groovy  people who have inspired us? Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, Rumi, Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, Swami Yogananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Shri Shri Anandamurti, the Dalai Lama, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and on  They serve as bridges that connect us. They allow people to realize in a second that they have met a kindred soul they share a powerful bond with.

I want a place where we can come together and share our visions of hope for the future. The depth and beauty of humanity comes from our multidimensional diversity. Frank Lloyd Wright is my favorite architect, but it would quickly become tiresome living in a world limited to the designs of the building he created. What would a world look like where we all could thrive. The incredible irony of the current political stalemate between liberals and conservatives is that in the coming decades there will be vastly greater gulf between the transhumanist and conservatives. Forget piercings and tattoos, wait till Junior wants to remove a chunk of his brain to get a neural enhancement so he can keep up with the other cool kids on the block. We will have Earth First! genetic and ecological purist as well as genetically enhanced “humans” capable of editing their genetic code through an act of mental volition. We won’t need to leave the solar system to meet an endless array of aliens and amazing life forms, they will be created and born right here in our solar system.

Some people imagine a world where humanity will be more spiritually advanced and take the next step in spiritual evolution while others imagine a world a post-Singularity world dominated by the ultra-intelligent! What we truly need is the harmonious integration of wisdom and intelligence in order to thrive, we need balance. I passionately support the exploration of outer space and I passionately support the exploration of inner space. We are humans and it is not our destiny to safely hunker down in some dark hidden corner of the Universe. Gene Roddenberry shared his personal vision of such a civilization with us in Star Trek: The Next Generation. A civilization where the might of technology guided by compassion has ended poverty, struggles over resources, cured most diseases, conquered mental illness, provided universal education and protection for the Earth, the environment and all living beings. It is time for humanity to come together and establish something truly worthy of the term civilization.

Rush got it right thirty five years ago in their song Hemispheres about the union of the left and right hemispheres of the brain into a Perfect Sphere.

They sat a while in silence
Then they turned at last to me
we will call you cygnus,
The God of balance you shall be

The sphere: a kind of dream
We can walk our road together
If our goals are all the same
We can run alone and free
If we pursue a different aim

Let the truth of love be lighted
Let the love of truth shine clear
Armed with sense and liberty
With the heart and mind united
In a single perfect sphere